Are you an aspiring florist looking for a way to get your foot in the door? Are you a current florist looking to further your education and technique? Flora + Fern offers a variety of different mentorships to suit your needs. Take a 1:1 mentorship with Megan to receive an intensive hands on learning experience. Our 1:1 classes are personally catered to you and what you're looking to improve! 

1:1 Mentorships

Centerpiece MENTORSHIP

Personal flowers MENTORSHIP

Business Mentorship

Instlallation mentorship

Bouquet mentorship

Step up your game when it comes to the little items. Personal flowers are among some of the most important floral pieces for a wedding day. They'll be worn by the some of the most important people to your bride! Why not make them extra special? Learn techniques to create beautiful, trendy personal flowers that will have your bride and their families in awe. 

Investment: $300

INCLudes my signature technique and style of Corsages, Boutonnieres, and head crowns 

Centerpieces are some of my absolute favorites to design! Enhance your centerpiece design skills with different techniques taught in Flora and Ferns signature style. Create your very own organic and romantic centerpiece under the direction of Megan, owner of Flora and Fern. This course includes all the necessary tools and product to complete your very own centerpiece. 

Investment: $600

Enhance your Centerpiece design skills with different techniques, in flora + Ferns signature style. 

Upscale your technique and design skills when it comes to the big installation items. Learn how to create an organic, and lush installation and choose which type of installation you would like to create. Megan will teach her signature technique, and design style along with you, as we create the installation of your choice. 

Investment: $1,000+

Learn how to create organic and lush instalLations with flora + Fern's Signature techniques. 

Investment: $700

Grow your confidence, technique and style with this hands on bouquet mentorship taught by megan

Creating the perfect bouquet is an art form that greatly differs from other floral pieces! It requires skill, and technique to craft a bouquet that will highlight the bride and every image they appear in. The bouquet is typically what is most cherished and remembered. This is a great fit if you're looking to improve your confidence and create your own, unique style that your clients will love.  

In this course we will cover all the basics to starting, owning and running a business. We will cover licensing, ordering product, financials, working with clients, and any other topics neccesary to give you a full rounded education on running a floral business. 

Investment: $600

Wanting to start a business., learn more about. or expand your knowledge on running a business? This course is perfect for you!

I offer a "bundle" discount if you are looking to take multiple classes. Or are looking to take a class with a friend! 

All product and mechanics mneccesary to complete your design will be included in your course

Want to take a mentorship class with FLORA aND FERN? 

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-Jalene M.

Megan has a heart of gold and you can tell she loves what she does. Her 1:1 class was so inspirational and I learned things you won't find in books. I've been in the floral business for over 25 years and I learned many new things from her! Anyone would be lucky to have her design their flowers or take a class from her.

i love megan!! i took a 1:1 class with her to learn more about wedding florals and it was such a game changer for me. i learned so much and she was such a kind and patient teacher. her talent is unmatched. i would recommend her to everyone trying to step into this industry!! thank you again megan :))

-Karlee T.

-Hailey R.

I took a bouquet class from Megan and she was awesome!!! she brought the prettiest flowers and made sure to incorporate my styles in the lesson! love her! I also took a wreath workshop a few days ago for the holidays and the wreaths were ADORABLE she had the prettiest set up and was a great instructor!


Flora + Fern will be announcing workshop dates on instagram as well as here on our website. Stay tuned for our next one! 


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